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"I was born on the Internet, I will die on the Internet, I make money from the Internet, I am the bitch of the Internet Internet, Internet, Internet"   /// Orelsan

When we want to improve our physical or mental health, when approaching a competition, an important event, during an injury, or even a more serious problem, we would always like to deal with the best specialists in the field concerned. . cardiologists, dermatologists, psychologists...

Your project, your site, your logo also deserve their practitioner: Le Graphistologue.

​I put at your disposal more than fifteen years of experience. After three years as a graphic designer at, an e-commerce site specializing in contemporary design, I flew to London. I spent four years in a large digital communication agency, specializing in data marketing, Numberly (subsidiary of 1000mercis).  I have now been working as a freelancer for more than five years in the south of France where I work on  various customer projects around the world.

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Peu importe votre budget ! Le Graphistologue propose un graphisme ouvert à tous, et accessible aux plus petites bourses : SA, SARL, SAS, PME, Start-up, entrepreneurs, indépendants, musiciens, artistes, club, associations, commerçants, restaurateurs...


With canvas and others apps...

why should I contact a graphic designer?

​Parce-que Michelle de la compta n'est pas diplômée en graphisme et ne pourra pas vous apporter le même savoir-faire acquis tout au long de mon parcours scolaire et professionnel. Ces connaissances me permettent de vous offrir une communication tendance, créative et technique presque chirurgicale.

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Ensure the launch of your communication project without turbulence and align the planets of your visual identity by entrusting all of your print and digital media to an image professional.

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"You think we play while we work.

Like Gotaga". /// Vald


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Discover different client projects carried out by the Graphistologist's office.



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Propel the communication of your project into another dimension, become the main player in your sector of activity by proposing a visual identity  coherent and mastered  to your customers.


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  • How is a project going?
    1 - Receipt of your request by email 2 - Exchanges around your project (creation of the brief, deadline, budget, organization...) 3 - Sending a personalized quote / Signature of the quote 4 - Receipt of a deposit of 40% (invoice 1 out of 2) / The project is blocked on the schedule 6 - You receive a summary retro planning of the actions to be carried out (on your side and mine) 7 - Reception of the client brief (text, content, moodboard, constraint, charter...) 8 - Creation of models / Sending to the client (PDF presentation, Preview and correction link) 9 - Adaptation of customer feedback / corrections depending on the package 10 - Depending on the package, step 9 is repeated several times until the project is fully validated. 11 - Sending project files (or uploading) once validated and upon receipt of the remaining 60% (invoice 2 out of 2)
  • For which projects can we contact Le Graphistologue
    Graphic designer, graphic designer, web designer UX designer, art director, are terms that may seem foreign to many people. You never know if you're contacting the right person for the right project. My 15 years of experience in graphic design have allowed me to specialize in digital marketing, without neglecting the Print part of my job, compared to a footballer who is more comfortable in a forward position. he will nevertheless neglect the defense, at the risk of penalizing the team. He will simply be more comfortable and will have more knowledge of his offensive position. Today my personal experience has oriented me mainly towards digital and web creation, it is the heart of my job and the part in which I have acquired the most knowledge. Nevertheless, I take just as much pleasure in creating media dedicated to print and I master the techniques of the graphic printing chain. Here is a list of know-how on which I can accompany you: - Visual identity and marketing (graphic charter, guideline, tone of voice, artistic direction...) - Logotype (vectorial, responsive, animated...) - Iconography / illustration / skin / photo editing (web, print, social networks) - Complete WIX responsive website (showcase or e-commerce, onepage site, landing page, blog...) - SEO/SEA support, google analytics, google console, google business - Web / digital template (delivery of an Adobe XD template for external integration) - Creating mobile app wireframe - Mobile app UX / UI design - Instagram grid and social media post - Social network bundle dedicated to canva (delivery of png, typography, background, and terms of use) - Company / product presentation Static or animated PDF (not powerpoint) - Vector textile design (clothing collection, tshirt, hoodie, sweater...) - Image vectorization - Photo editing / colorization / filter / editing / visual art - Product design (3D support proposal (can, bottle, key ring...) - Print layout in any format (business card, brochure, poster, kakemono, magazine....) Do not hesitate to contact me, each request being specific, all the services may not be mentioned in this non-exhaustive list.
  • How much does it cost ?
    The hourly rate of the Graphic Designer in 2023 is: €62 excl. VATThe daily rate for the Graphic Designer in 2023 is: €496 excl. VATThe Graphic Designer is subject to VAT (20%). The prices mentioned are exclusive of tax.Does that sound like a lot to you?But it's not that high despite appearances, I explain the prices in detail and in complete transparency below.A self-employed person pays a large part of the income to taxes and contributions, to professional expenses, a self-employed person has no paid holidays, no sick leave, no right to unemployment, no severance pay, no precariousness bonus or wage benefits paid by employers.His daily rate is not significant of what he earns per day. You have to take into account the non-billable time, spent on prospecting, client meetings, accounting, communication around your business, and on top of that your vacation time ( 25 days of vacation + day of illness to be expected).Quick calculation:A freelancer works 5 days a week, or 250 days a year. 5 weeks of unpaid leave (25 days) are taken away.He may be sick, come on, we'll take 1 extra week off. The self-employed person therefore only works 220 days a year. (but The Graphistologist is never sick).However, he must think about the time he spends on all these tasks necessary for his activity, excluding missions.URSSAF estimated the real working time of a freelance self-employed entrepreneur in 2022 at: 40% of his time is dedicated to administrative, commercial and accounting tasks 60% is dedicated to pure activity (content creation) So, on average out of the 220 working days, only 132 days will be billable by the freelancer.132 days invoiced from which we will subtract the taxes, contributions and professional charges which are as follows:Taxes and contributions: Social contribution rate for service providers (BNC - non-commercial benefits): 22.2% Taxes on income from a liberal activity / final tax payment (VLF): 2.2% Contribution to vocational training (right to training): 0.2% Professional fixed loads: Company property tax/local tax: €125/month Office/cabinet rent: €370/month Internet subscription: €35/month Telephone subscription: €15/month Subscription to mutual insurance: €50/month Shutterstock image bank license: €159/month Adobe Suite software license: €62/month Dropbox online storage server: 9.90/month License and purchase of external resources (Envato): €249/year Pro banking subscription (Qonto): €30/month Accounting subscription (Superindep): €22/month Website hosting/professional email address: €338/year= 925€ / month A freelance graphic designer does not set the price of his service according to the client, but according to the value of his work and the expenses of his company. The duration of the project and its complexity are the only variable elements resulting from the final price.Beyond the necessary talent and artistic creativity, the profession of graphic designer requires time and many hours of work.Experience also plays a major role, with 15 years of experience my hourly rate as a senior graphic designer is higher than that of a junior graphic designer. It is also justified by the fact that I have the latest licenses, the latest equipment, that I put in place a qualitative customer experience, with a rigorous work organization, a retroplanning, an online invoicing system, exchanges and customer advice. constant, a respect of the essential deadlines, as well as an accompaniment and an implication on the project which very often exceeds the lines of the estimate.I am often told it shouldn't take you too long - in some cases yes - but I also answer that it took me 15 years to learn how to do it in a short time. The Graphic Designer is like a good doctor, years of study and experience that allows a practitioner to detect a problem and solve it quickly and efficiently.Conclusion: The communication envelope is to be included in its budget as for any supplier or investment budget, different price and prestige ranges are available to you on the market. The accuracy of a daily or hourly rate is a guarantee of viability for your business.Your project's communication budget will directly reflect the image you want to convey to your audit.Entrusting your image to an experienced professional graphic designer is an important factor of serenity to create a visual identity aligned with the values of your company and to help you stand out.
  • A more precise idea of the prices?
    Custom quote: All creative requests are different from each other and will be studied and discussed in order to send you a fair and relevant quote. Subscription package: You can also choose a subscription to better control your budget and benefit from a graphic designer at your disposal according to the number of hours you have selected. Find out more information on the PRICES page of the site. What is actually billed? The time to create the brief, analyze the structure of the competition, research, creation, but also modifications. Contact time (emails, calls, appointments, meetings). The working time (search for visuals, track tests, clean rendering, modification....) The time to export for each shipment, it is also for this reason that the quotes are strict in terms of possible changes returns. Otherwise you imagine that our estimated time explodes and that we lose time to work on other projects. Associated purchases (typographies, photos, etc.) / (right to use a license included and offered in each quote from the Graphic Designer). The assignment of rights (included on request in each quote/invoice since January 2023). There are several parameters that come into play in the development of an estimate: Redesign or creation (existing logo or creation from scratch) Quantity and complexity ( different demands - detail complexity) Declinations and options (colors/ responsive / animation) Supports and constraints (typography requirements, colors, customer technical needs) Feedback and support (number of corrections desired / advice and support on the use of the logo) But to give you a more precise idea, here is a list of the most requested prices and packages charged to my customers: Logo: €489 to €889 excl. VAT Visual identity: €589 to €1,589 excl. tax Site one page: 589€ to 789€ HT Multi-page site : 1589€ to 2489€ HT E-commerce site : €2,589 to €4,989 excluding VAT Business card: €159 to €259 excl. VAT Flyer / postcard - A5, A6: €229 to €349 excl. tax Multi-page support - A4, A3: €589 to €1,289 excluding tax Creation of instagram post : 49€ HT per post + stories x3: €145 excl. VAT x9: €370 excl. VAT x15: €615 excl. VAT x21: €850 excl. VAT x30: €1,190 excl. VAT x60: €1,990 excl. VAT Multi-page digital support (animated / navigable / static): 589€ to 1289€ Editing / photo editing: €62 / hour excl. VAT Emailing / newsletter creation: 1€49 to €329 excl. VAT
  • 2024 Les écarts de prix, l'arrivée de l'iA et ses inconvénients
    Le Graphistologue pratique une politique de tarifs transparente, simple à comprendre afin de permettre à mes contacts d'estimer leurs projets numériques et print si ces derniers souhaitent entamer une collaboration avec l'entreprise Le Graphistologue. Trop souvent, et comme beaucoup de graphiste professionnel nous constatons des abus chez certains prestataires avec des prix peu élevés mais qui cache souvent de nombreuses surprises, un dépassement d'honoraires, une prestation et un rendu pas à la hauteur des attentes client, des compétences limitées, un site ou l'intranet n'est pas organisé, des photos pas renommés, une mauvaise gestion du référencement google search console, un logo vectoriel avec des traits abandonné (impossibilité d'impression), des droits d'images (banques d'image) non autorisé, une mauvaise gestion des cookies et CGV... l'AI ou les prestations réalisé dans des pays en développement cache de nombreuses erreurs qui impliquerons de retravailler votre projet dans le temps et viendrons vous ajouter des frais et du retard sur le lancement de votre projet. 96% des clients du Graphistologue sont satisfait de la prestation en 2023 et tous on amorties en moins de 6 mois l'investissment réalisés (R.O.I) Le Graphistologue crée des projets permettant de générer de vrais résultats commerciaux à votre entreprise, avec un suivi, une gestion et une organisation encadrés, précise et fiable, c'est pourquoi les tarifs ne sont pas comparables à ceux d'agence utilisant l'IA avec abus ou déléguant des projets dans d'autres pays comme principal activités. N'hésitez pas a regarder mon portfolio et a contacter de vous même les différents clients avec qui Le Graphistologue a pu travailler. Leurs satisfaction vous aidera a me faire confiance, Cordialement, Adrien Nocodie
  • What are copyrights?
    The Graphistologist undertakes to transfer its exploitation rights over a period of 5 to 10 years for each new contract/quote signed from January 2023. The exploitation rights will be transferred only after written complaint from the client , an additional contract will be attached to the invoice for the service, stipulating all the broadcasting rights he wishes to have, namely: Period/duration Field of operation Price of the service (no supplement will be charged for contracts carried out after 2023). For services performed before 2023, unclaimed copyright belongs to the intellectual, moral and creative property of Le Graphistologue. The claim of these exploitation rights will involve the signing of a new legal contract for the transfer of rights to be defined according to each person's broadcasting requests. 1. Copyright The intellectual property code provides that anyone who creates an original work (i.e. any production, whatever the medium, which arises from his unique idea), immediately acquires the status of author of this work and the rights that go with it. Namely, moral rights and exploitation rights. Moral rights:These are the rights relating to the status of author, which indicate that this production is the exclusive work of the author. He is the only person who can decide, authorize and prohibit everything that concerns him. The main copyrights are: The right of disclosure: it is he who decides whether he will reveal his work publicly and whether he will authorize its use. The right to respect for the name: he has the right to sign his work and demand that it be cited. No one can appropriate it or forget to mention it as the author if it is their will. The right to respect for the work: it is the prohibition for the user to undermine the integrity of the author's production against his will. The right of withdrawal: He has the right to decide at any time to withdraw his work from any exploitation and distribution. Moral rights are completely non-transferable, they cannot be transferred to anyone, no matter what we have signed. No contract that provides for the assignment of moral rights can be valid. Exploitation rights: These are the rights that make it possible to consider the work as a heritage from which the author can derive a profit: The right of representation: meaning the right to distribute the work to the public The right of reproduction: that is to say the right to reproduce the work on any medium whatsoever in order to distribute it The right of adaptation: it is the right that allows the user to adapt the work to the medium on which it will be broadcast. It is therefore these exploitation rights that can be transferred under a contract for the transfer of rights. The person who will exploit the work will become a "rights holder", i.e. he will be the person who has the legal right to use the work.These rights last for the entire life of the author, then 70 years after his death, entrusted to the successive heirs. After this period, the work becomes part of the public domain. Anyone can use it without restriction, even if the moral right to respect the author's name remains valid.Your logotype was created by a graphic designer, it was born from his only idea, know-how and production. He is therefore the author, and the above rules apply. So you never buy a logotype, you buy a logotype creation service! This is also valid for all models, such as models of business cards, flyers and other print or digital media. 2. What is the assignment of copyright? The assignment of copyright is the contract which aims to clearly define which exploitation rights are transferred to the rightholder. It is a very official contract and must be in writing and signed in due form.Any right that is not explicitly mentioned is simply not part of the rights granted by the author. As a client, if you wish to have more rights than those currently assigned in the contract, you must inform the author and define a new assignment contract with him, for additional remuneration. Because yes, each use is paid for! Overall, if you order the creation of a logotype and you pay an assignment over 10 years for the distribution of it on t-shirts, and that after 8 years you also wish to distribute it on caps, you will have to inform your graphic designer, who will write a new assignment of rights and ask you to pay a supplement. Why the transfer of rights is essential? The transfer of rights protects the author and his work, whether morally or financially. She ensures that he is paid the fair value that his work has for the client who uses it. Same thing for a graphic designer and his logo! Let's say that the creator of the twitter logo, which generates millions in revenue, only got paid $6. Would you find that fair? Yet that is exactly what happened! If there had been an assignment of rights, this would have allowed this graphic designer to be paid up to the value of his logo today. The assignment of rights also protects you as a customer! First, it reassures you by setting a legal framework for what you can or cannot do. It also allows you to prove that you are using your logotype while being in your right! A graphic designer who suddenly decides to no longer distribute his logo to the public would be obliged to pay you a financial counterpart, since you paid for this right. In case of violation…“Any representation or reproduction in whole or in part made without the consent of the author or his successors in title is unlawful, and punishable according to the laws relating to the offense of counterfeiting. The same applies to translation, adaptation or transformation, arrangement or reproduction by any art or process whatsoever. (Art. L. 122-4 of the CPI) To make it simpler, anyone who uses a work outside the framework and conditions of the contract defined with the author without his approval commits an offense of counterfeiting punishable by heavy fines, or even prison depending on the case. One or the other of the parties could refer it to a court to assert their rights, knowing that France is one of the countries, if not the country, the most protective with regard to intellectual property. 3. How to create a rights assignment contract? In view of all that it represents, the creation of a rights assignment contract is an important step that must be taken the time to define carefully. I can only recommend that you read everything it implies before signing, and especially not to hesitate to include uses that you have planned for later, even if you cannot yet execute them current time. Which medium to use? The transfer of rights can be simply indicated in the General Conditions of Sale (GTC) of the sales documents (commercial proposal, estimate, etc.). This is ideal in the case of a very short-term sale, for an event for example. Otherwise, in most cases, when it is a sale over several years, a contract is drawn up as an appendix to the estimate and the invoice. I strongly recommend that you read the conditions of assignment of your graphic designer before signing the quote to make sure that everything suits you.Whatever happens, the signature of both parties is essential for the contract to be viable. What elements should we find inside? Delimiting strictly precise uses is mandatory, mentions such as "all rights assigned" or "all uses" or "unlimited assignment in time" are worth nothing legally speaking and make the contract void.You must therefore be able to find in your contract of transfer of rights: The nature of the rights transferred: representation (dissemination), reproduction, adaptation. The domain of exploitation: is it a logo, a website, a flyer… but also on what types of media the work will be used, in how many copies, what geographic extent and for how long. The price: only if the graphic designer is declared under an artist/author status. For graphic designers who are service providers, the price of the transfer of rights will be included in the service and will not be invoiced separately. 4. The unlimited transfer of rights, myth or reality? It is a myth. But… How many times have I heard “I assign my rights in an unlimited way” or “you make a limited assignment of rights? But such a graphic designer makes an unlimited assignment! ”… As said above, “unlimited” has no legal value, and renders the contract null and void from a legal point of view.I'm not throwing stones, it's a mistake that I myself made during my first contracts... At my expense!A vague practice that distorts the profession of graphic designer. Some have found a way around this by leaving a legal vagueness with the words "term not determined to date" or "All rights assigned". I deplore this practice which will certainly convince you to sign since there will be no time constraint, but which is unfair to the graphic designer and which distorts this profession of creativity, the sustainability of which is based precisely on these contracts. . The advantage of a sale over a defined period Yes, there is, however, a significant advantage in defining a transfer of rights for a limited period:If you want to change / modify your logo, which often happens after the first 5 years of use, and you have paid an assignment of rights over 10 years, you are a total loser, because the years of 'unused will not be refunded to you in any case. If, on the other hand, you paid for a 5-year assignment, you will have paid more fairly for your use of the work. 5. How much does it cost to transfer the rights to a work? There is no tariff imposed on the transfer of rights, each author is free to transfer his rights at the price that seems fair to him. It is therefore not easy to give a price, the best is still to ask for one or more quotes. A free price to a certain extent, but regulated! Even if each graphic designer is free to apply the tariff which suits him, he is still required not to invoice the transfer lower than those imposed by the scale of the Official Journal of May 2, 1987, page 4874. Below these rates, the assignment contract could be declared void by a judge. Several calculation methods… Integrate the price into the package rate or the daily rate Apply a percentage to the price of the creation service. Follow the scale of the Official Journal by defining a point value and applying coefficients to it. The more the work is distributed, exposed, the higher the coefficient, and the price too. This is the most reliable and fair method, both for the author and for the client. Whatever the work ordered, your graphic designer must absolutely define an assignment of rights that will regulate its use. Without assignment of rights, you are vulnerable if your graphic designer suddenly decides to forbid you to use it. In the event of voluntary or unintentional violation of the contract, you expose yourself to prosecution for the offense of counterfeiting. You must therefore take special care and attention, and have thought about all the specific uses you are going to make of them beforehand so that they are all mentioned in the contract. The Graphistologist undertakes to respect, sign and make available a free copyright assignment contract (included in the service) for any request made from January 2023. Article written and very well summarized by Presse ta Com Noémie Ciborek – All rights reserved
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